5 ways to make Hen Party or Stag Do T shirts stand out from the crowd; Get the look right with t shirt printing!

It’s a rite of passage that many singletons must take on the road to matrimony, the hen or stag night! And the privilege of planning such an epic send-off is often bestowed upon the best man or maid of honour. But just how do you make a stag or hen party an event that the bride, groom and members of the group never forget? Here are our 5 stag and hen party t shirt ideas to make yours stand out from the crowd…

1. Get matching or coordinating t-shirts representing the man or woman of the moment!

It’s a fact that for every special occasion in your life, if you promote it, you’ll often get something for free! And 9 times out of 10, everyone is happy to congratulate the husband or wife to be. Who doesn’t like to be made to feel special? Spoil the bride or groom by making them the centre of attention by getting your group matching tee’s, all paying homage to their last night of freedom! Add their name, a large photo of them, the location of the stag/hen night, year or stag/hen party t shirts slogan to the front of shirts for the whole party; with our range of templates on our website, it couldn’t be easier for you to personalise a number of stylish and witty designs. Looking for something more comical? There are plenty of funny designs too for you to poke fun at the ‘victim’… I mean, bride or groom to be! There’s a good chance that while wearing your tshirts you and your group will all get the special treatment you deserve wherever the party is, be it free shots or an extra pamper at that spa weekend! Not only that but our high quality prints will last for years, meaning it’s a lovely keep-sake for the group to keep and look at in years to come – and who wouldn’t want a reminder of the most epic send-off, EVER?!

Spoil the bride or groom by making them the centre of attention by getting your group matching tee’s, all paying homage to their last night of freedom!

2. Make it a TEAM event!

Personalised t-shirts are also a great way of bringing a group of people together! Often, the bride or groom will know lots of different types of people, which doesn’t necessarily make a recipe for a successful party; there’s nothing worse than when a group doesn’t quite ‘click’ together and someone is left having a bad time. Making personalised hen or stag t shirts means that everyone feels included. With our online designer, you can easily add names to go on the back so that each member of your group can have their name on their shirt! Why not ask the stag or hen for the nick-names they have for everyone and keep that as a surprise on the night? Fun and silly names are a sure way of making sure everyone feels involved, so while the front of the t-shirts pay homage to the bride or groom, the back is especially for the group member!

3. Accessorise!

T-shirts are great, who doesn’t love a printed one? We’ve got plenty of those on offer too, from the plain old basics, to V-necks, long sleeves, ladies fit and more products… and the more you order the bigger the discount you can get; who doesn’t love cheap hen party t shirts that still have high quality t shirt printing? But t shirts don’t suit all occasions. What about those tricky winter weddings, when the hen/stag party could be pretty chilly? Hoodies are much more robust and perfect for braving cold weather or for those doing something more adventurous, like activity weekends! For the more civilised, there are polo shirts, perfect for a more up-market look (think made in Chelsea!) and for the practical party planners out there, you could give everyone their own personalised tote bags! This option is great for those who want to wear their own thing, so you could fill the bags full of goodies to enable them to ‘survive’ the party, or fill the one for the hen or stag with clues for what the night holds for them! It could get really interesting when you think of personalised accessories!

4. Theme it!

It’s quite rare that a stag or hen party doesn’t have a theme these days, so why not add it to the t-shirt! Our free artwork service can help you match up your design to fit your theme perfectly, and with a free proof too, so that we don’t print it until you’re happy, you can make sure that it’s perfect for the big day/night. For example, Disney, the pink ladies and Hollywood glamour are growing trends for hen party t shirts… but all 3 of those come with particular styles, fonts and more! We’ll take the hassle out of the preparation for you, as we already have all of those styles on our system, ready and waiting for you to use them! As for the stag do t shirts… Think Reservoir DogsTop Gear… and so much more! Just contact us to see how we can help you to make your vision for the perfect hen or stag t-shirts come true!

…you will LITERALLY stand out from the crowd with our special effect t shirt prints!

5. Two words… SPECIAL EFFECTS!

Many hen or stag parties take the form of a night out on the tiles with your best mates. If that’s the case for you, then you might be inclined to consider glow in the dark t-shirt prints. What’s the point in making hen or stag night t shirts for the group when no one will be able to read it when you enter the club? With our glow in the dark vinyl, we can cut whatever wording you want, press it to a t-shirt, and it will glow a bright green in the dark after it’s been exposed to daylight or artificial light! In daylight conditions, it looks white (so you can still wear it in the earlier hours of the evening too), so we recommend going with a dark coloured t-shirt to contrast the text in the daylight and make it starkly apparent in dark conditions. Or add a little sparkle to the event with our glitter, metallic or sparkle vinyl prints! Not everything has to be flat, and you will LITERALLY stand out from the crowd with our special effect t shirt prints!

So there you have it – 5 excellent tips to help you create the perfect stag night t shirts or hen party t shirts – Make sure that you give the stag or hen a great time they’ll never forget, and it all starts with personalised T-Shirts! Let me know if you have any more tips for getting the right look!