Download our Artwork templates NOW

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Great news! You can now download artwork ready files for Photoshop, Illustrator and Coral Draw from our Help section of the website!


If you’re already quite knowledgeable on how to use Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator or Coral draw to create designs for print, then you can download files that are already set up so that you don’t have to sweat the small stuff! Just make sure you don’t enlarge the artboard, but you can trim it to a smaller size if you need to.

We’ve already got them set up for you at 300DPI and in CMYK Colour mode, so that you’ll be certain that what you’re creating on screen will be exactly what we print for you. Once you’ve created your design, all you have to do is email your file and contact information over to and we’ll contact you to take the order information from you.

Why choose TShirt Print Online?

  • We have one of the fastest turn arounds in the industry. Our dedicated team of experts are always available to help answer all of your questions. Unlike some online printing companies, we’ll assign you a member of staff to your order who you can contact throughout the order process.
  • We offer blank and printed samples to larger orders so you can see your product before placing the order – See ‘Bulk orders’ for more information.
  • We’ve worked with some of the biggest businesses in the UK and have over 30 years’ experience within the printing industry.

We don’t bite, so if you have any questions you need answered, just contact us!